Staying Connected

Business Continuity for the Facilities & Construction Industry

In these changing times, our options for networking are limited. With tradeshows being put off and meetings being cancelled, we wanted to help the industry stay connected!
Introducing Lunchbox Roundtable, a virtual meet up event created to help the industry stay together, to share knowledge, and take the facilities and construction industry to new heights.

Keynote Schedule

Please join us each weekday Wednesday 3/25-Wednesday 4/1 from 12pm to 2pm to discuss industry trends, connect with peers, and more!
Thursday 4/16
Troy Batchelor
What Does the Future Hold?
More Presentations Coming Soon...

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About Lunchbox Roundtable

Mission: Lunchbox will provide a high-quality virtual platform for facilities and construction industry leaders to collaborate, network, and grow. We will seek out knowledge leaders and solution providers on focused topics around the state of our industry, connecting individuals in a e-conference format.

Vision: To provide short-term business continuity for professionals to stay in front of evolving trends and changes. In the long-term, we’d like to provide a collaborative environment for connecting solutions in a valuable and high-quality virtual environment.